Drinking glass. The colors are coming from neon signs near the ceiling.



  1. I love this!! At first glance I thought it was a thick substance being poured into or on something, then I saw “Drinking glass”. Whoops. Amazing shot! I love it. 🙂

  2. This reminds me of a number of shots I have taken on a neighborhood bar (not those kinds of shots!) with a copper top… very striking. And it loks like you have switched to the same blog template – Hum – I discovered awhile back also. The minimalism is soothing.

    • Ooh yes, I love this template! It took me quite a while browsing all the different themes to finally land on just the right one.

      Bar lighting is really perfect for these kind of shots, isn’t it? I was sitting in the bar area of Buffalo Wild Wings, and as soon as the sun set, the neon lights overhead lit up the tabletops. It was surprisingly magical!

      • It is a great template for showing off (or actually, retiring behind) the photography – I searched for a long time also. Unfortunately it is a prepackaged design, so I can’t seem to find a way to add plug-ins, but I guess I can live with that for now, in deference to its simplicity!
        Another bartop I shoot occasionally has a stainless steel surface which distorts nearby lighting in the most amazing waves and ribbons. I have had a lot of fun exploring that setting with my iphone (and a beer).
        Your recent post of your cowlick reminds me so much of my girlfriend Monica – I have started to show her a little on my blog; figure studies are so challenging. I have to ease into it slowly.

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